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December 14, 2022 4 min read

How to choose the Best Inflatable Life Vest for Fishing and Kayaking

Whenever you are on the boat it is a thumb rule to use a life vest. These are also commonly known as life jackets or PFDs (Personal Floatation Device). These lifesaving jackets/vests provide you with the necessary buoyancy that saves you when thrown overboard. Whether you are float fishing, canoeing or kayaking wearing a life vest is a must. One must be well aware that every life vest isn’t ideal for fishing, thus it is best to decide according to one’s preferences.

Among the different types of life vests, over the last few decades the classic foam life jackets have reigned the markets. But they are pretty bulky and difficult to store, on the other hand the inflatable life vests are safe, reliable and easy to store. Gradually these inflatable life vests have become more popular among the fishing crowds.

Are you in two minds on how to choose the best inflatable life vest for fishing ?

Ocklawaha Outback, USA’s one of the leading names in all kinds of fishing supplies  and safety gear is  your savior. So here’s a guide from the experts on how to find the best inflatable life vest for fishing that might be helpful.

What is an inflatable life vest?

The inflatable life vests come with CO2 cylinders which offer the required buoyancy when inflated, unlike the standard ones that used foam or other floatable materials to stay afloat. The best kind of inflatable life vests are lightweight, comfortable to wear and offer a great range of motion.

Features to consider while picking the Best Inflatable Life Vest for Fishing

Rightaway purchasing your PFD without knowing what to look out for wouldn’t be a very wise idea. If your life vest doesn’t have the necessary, it will turn out to be of no good use. Thus, before making the big purchase, ensure the following features in your best inflatable life vest for fishing:

Floatation: The first thing that one should look into is a life vest’s floating ability. The correct buoyancy is calculated by estimating the force needed to keep the wearer’s head above water. Most of these inflatable life vests have enough buoyancy needed to keep an adult floating. The PFDs with higher floatation rating are considered as one of the best types of inflatable life vests for fishing

Inflation Style: There are two kinds of inflatable PFDs- automatic inflatable life jacket and manually inflatable life vest. The manual ones require the user to self inflate them. Which involves pulling the manual inflation chord that releases the CO2 canister, or self blowing-up the tubes. Thus, both types need the user to be wide awake throughout and might not be helpful when one meets with a serious accident suddenly. Hence, self-inflating life vests are preferred over the manual ones. These go off with the force of falling in the water, thereby providing buoyancy whether awake or not. Without any doubt these can be considered as one of the best inflatable life vests for fishing.

Visibility: While choosing your life vest it is very important that you choose the ones with high-visibility colors. Be sure to pick ones with bright and highly visible colors that can be easily spotted in water. Colors like brighter shades of- yellow or orange are good options to choose from. Moreover, the best inflatable life vest for fishing would be in a highly-visible color with reflective features.

Ventilation: Wearing a life vest for long hours can get pretty sweaty and uncomfortable. If you are out on a boat in hot and humid climatic conditions, you should look out for well-ventilated PFDs. The best inflatable life vests for fishing are generally made of highly breathable mesh materials that keeps you airy and cool.

Gear Attachments: A few PFDs come with quite a number of tabs placed all across for the users to carry along extra gear. The best kind of inflatable life vests for fishing come with numerous tabs to attach safety equipment, strobe light, whistle, and others.

Fishing specific life vests: A large number of boat users are fishing enthusiasts, thus they can look for fishing specific PFDs. The best inflatable life vests for fishing have useful additions like- flip-down pocket tables, tool hangers, rod-holding loops and of course multiple pockets.

Whether you're fishing in rivers, lakes, ponds, open seas, having a good inflatable life vest is of utmost necessity. An inflatable life vest is always a life saver whether you are a seasoned fisherman or a beginner. But choosing the best inflatable life vest according to your needs can be a daunting task, and here’s when Ocklawaha Outback comes to your rescue.

Trust Ocklawaha Outback for the best inflatable life vests for fishing and fishing gear. Being the best in business they offer a huge variety, top quality products and unmissable deals.

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