Inspired by Dr Thomas H. Wallis

Established in 1884 bordered by the river of its name sake, Ocklawaha Florida was established along the north shore of Lake Weir. The indigenous Seminole Indian tribe interpretation meaning Dark Water. Centrally located between the shoals of the Gulf of Mexico and shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Personally I grew up on a cattle farm In Ocklawaha and spent a two decade career working for Wall Street where I discovered a common sense of adventure lives in everyone.

One of my favorite memories was my Grandfather's passion and keen sense for fishing at any moment.

He was always prepared for the task since the trunk of his Fleetwood Cadillac doubled as a fully equipped bait and tackle shop. Anyone familiar with that particular automobile knew the boot was as big as a house !

From bait casting, salt or fresh, surf, trolling, fly even a fully fueled 5 hsp outboard "kicker". In wait of a seaworthy "Float"

Oneof his favorites was for the search for the spot tailed Red Fish, commonly found along the shores and marshes in the Gulf of Mexico. His personal secret was too fish on the high tide; therefore, a current Farmers Almanac was never far from reach. I can still hear him say "Fish'n on the Full Tide" when asked how his day was going. One could say it was his meaning of life statement.

No matter the body he found himself near, He was always equipped to put a line in the water. "Fish Ready"

Fishing is therapeutic where we can each imagine and escape from the paces of life's pressures.

From the Oceans, rivers, bayous, ponds, lakes & streams we have aspired for a collection of styles and gear to equip one for any fishing experience.

So whether you are in the mood for bait casting for bass, tying your own fly's for rainbows, trolling the mangroves for that elusive snook we provide the means for your adventure.

We even have the "Kicker" & seaworthy "Floats"

Our mantra is have "Full Tides" and "Tight Lines" forever.

Full Tides & Tight Lines:

Thomas Anderson