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Camping Equipments

June 19, 2023 3 min read

We all love camping as they reduce our stress and take our overthinking away. We all deserve this kind of break once in a while. It’s good for our mental health. It rejuvenates us, gives us fulfillment and gives us a joyful experience. 

That’s why camping is loved so much. It is also considered an affordable vacation. Even if you are a professional at camping, you can try these activities to give that unique twist to your camping trip.


Camping is fun, but don’t forget your camping equipments as it can turn your camping trip into a disaster. Talking about camping trips, Ocklawaha Outback has an amazing collection of camping equipments. Do check out their website. 

Are you excited to know about different activities which you can try on your camping trip? We are excited too !!

Get ready to explore new activities !!

Add A Unique Twist With These Activities  

Activities are fun, especially the ones we have mentioned for you. Try them out. Let the fun begin-

1) Go Bird-Watching 

Apart from fishing, cooking and watching stars. You should try bird-watching. There are a lot of birds in nature. Different innumerable varieties. Take a break from everything, just sit back and watch those birds living in nature freely. Who knows you might even forget all your worries behind. 

But don’t forget yourcamping equipment - take  binoculars and watch and count how many different species you can spot.

2) Collect Things From Nature

Nature is beautiful and soothing. Collect things from nature. You can collect different types of flowers, leaves and rocks, it’s all up to you as 

nature is beautiful. Whichever thing you find attractive, keep it with you as a souvenir. 

3) Share Ghost Stories

The best thing about camping is you get to know different people closely. Just gather around the campfire and share your ghost stories. Just imagine being in the middle of nowhere in silence and getting to know about those scary stories. 

Also, you can share your campfire stories with your friends, and let them know about a time when you were in danger and how you came out of it. 

4) Go Hiking  

  • One of the best activities you can do on your camping trip is to go hiking. Walk around and leave all of your worries behind. 
  • For hiking, you should buy yourcamping equipments from Ocklawaha Outback as they have backpacks, first-aid kits, trekking poles, water bottles, sleep systems and many more. 

5) Go Fishing

Don’t just sit and read books on your camping trip, do some fun activity like  fishing- catch your own fish. Ocklawaha Outback has many camping equipments like - 

  • Fishing lures kit 
  • Fly fishing flies 
  • Life Jacket 
  • Rod & Reel combo
  • Fishing tube
  • Fishing boat

Not just these there are many more options to choose from Ocklawaha Outback. 

6) Go Kayaking 

Do you know more than hiking you can cover more ground while kayaking? You will end up leaving your camping trip with better physical health. 

There are different collections of kayaks available at Ocklawaha Outback like - 

  • Inflatable kayak with seat
  • 2 person kayak 
  • Kayak seat  
  • Inflatable kayak pro package

7) Go For Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Now there is no need to rent your stand-up paddleboarding equipment. You can get them from Ocklawaha Outback. They have paddleboards which are inflatable. 

Available at affordable rates. You can check them out. Work on your balance and core strength while enjoying some amazing views. 

8) Paint the beautiful view

Let’s not make painting a dying form of art. Just sit in peace and draw what’s in front of you. Eventually, you will end up improving your mental health as well. Pick some pencils, sketchbooks and your art supplies. Find a beautiful spot and enjoy your painting time. 

Buy Camping Equipment From Ocklawaha Outback

Fun activities will end up being fun only when you have the best equipments with you. 

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