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June 28, 2023 3 min read

The Top 3 Camping Sleep Systems are 

1) Sleeping Bags

There are several sizes for sleeping bags.

  • Adult sleeping bags: These usually come in regular and long sizes. A short size is also offered for some. 
  • Women’s sleeping bags: They are made for the average woman's size. They are a bit shorter, narrower at the shoulders and wider at the hips than adult sleeping bags.
  • Kids sleeping bags: As the name suggests it is for children. They are way shorter than women's lightweight sleeping bags, which makes them affordable. 

Best sleeping bags for camping include different features - 

Ocklawaha Outback is an online store which provides lightweight sleeping bags and other camping equipment. Some of the features of their sleeping bags are - 

  • Sleeping bag hood: A hood provides warmth as they cover your head.
  • Draft-blocking features: There are two advantages of using them - 
  1. keep warm air from escaping
  2. Draft collars prevent warm air from escaping there.
  • Anti-Snagging Zipper: There are so many times when we end up breaking our zipper chain or zipper itself. Which leads to wear and tear on its fabric.
  • Warm & comfortable: The lightweight sleeping bags are well padded. You will feel warm within minutes. It feels very cosy and you will fall asleep quickly. They are adequately spacious too. 

You won’t feel like you are sleeping inside a bag, it will feel like you are sleeping inside your comfy home bed. 

2) Hammock

Here are the reasons why hammocks are loved so much. 

Ocklawaha Outback hammocks are so comfortable that they will make you feel like you are in your mother’s lap. Also, it helps insomniacs to sleep better and equally.

  • In a hammock, the quality of the sleep is better: People fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer when gently rocked.
  • Hammocks help relieve stress: Having a hammock set up on a camping trip, while looking up to the stars and relaxing is a stress reliever.
  • Posture: With thebest hammocks for camping you will retain your natural position, especially from an all-night sleep. With the Ocklawaha Outback hammock, you lay about the same position and end up perfectly rested. No stiffer back from sleeping anymore!
  • Long Lasting: They are crafted with soft and strong parachute nylon. They also include tree-friendly hammock straps. 
  • Ocklawaha Outback hammocks are machine washable.

Ocklawaha Outback hammocks are the best hammocks for camping.

As they are lightweight and portable. It’s good for lazy people as there is no hassle of putting bed sheets on it. You can use it easily as well as it is easy to clean.

3) Sleeping Pad  

Sleeping pads are used and loved because of their cushioning and insulation. It provides a comfortable surface to sleep on and is loved because of its ability to keep you warm throughout the night.

  • Types: There are three basic types of pads -
  1. Air
  2. Self-inflating 
  3. Closed-cell foam
  • Warmth (R-value): Higher R-values are warmer.
  • Features: They come with different features - 
  1. Weight
  2. Cushioning
  3. Size
  4. Inflation ease

Ocklawaha Outback providesself-inflating pads that offer -

  • Enables the foam to grow and automatically adds air
  • Constructed for automobile camping
  • Is possible to wrap up easily without folding
  • Several possibilities in terms of warmth, size, and price.
  • They are cosy and decently portable.
  • They provide excellent insulation, and you may change the stiffness of them by releasing or adding air. 
  • They are typically more resilient than air cushions.

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