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July 07, 2023 3 min read

Hiking gives us peace of mind. It’s the best time which we spend outdoors. Whether it is a lush green forest or a steep mountain, we love hiking over there. 

But wherever we go, there is no guarantee about the weather. Rain or storms are unpredictable and the last thing we don’t want is to get stuck due to it. That’s why it is important to bring our equipment to face those harsh weather. 

You should buy backpacking poncho from Ocklawaha Outback so that you can enjoy the lush green forests, see colourful wildflowers and find the hidden waterfalls which are the loveliest of all !!

Seems an amazing idea right? Let’s get into the uses of a Backpacking Poncho when Hiking.

Multiple Uses Of A Backpacking Poncho When Hiking

The purpose of carrying backpacking poncho is obvious, it keeps you dry, from heavy or light rain. 

1. Ponchos offer protection from Rain  

These ponchos come in single pieces and they tend to cover more than those raincoats or jackets available in the market. They cover your mid-thighs so that you can easily sit on wet surfaces without making your pants wet. Some ponchos come in large sizes so that you can cover your whole backpack too. 

2. They provide amazing ventilation

We hate it when we feel suffocated, and it is the last thing we want when we are hiking. Ocklawaha Outback’s backpacking poncho offers good ventilation so your sweat can evaporate and escape. Ponchos fit loosely, that’s why they provide more ventilation. 

3. Size fits all  

Poncho comes in one size which can fit anyone. You won’t have to worry about buying a proper size as they are large and baggy. Fits easily to anyone. 

You can buy these for your friends, family members or your better half. Get these as they will fit you perfectly whether you are skinny, fat, short, or tall. 

4. Backpacking Poncho are cheaper  

Ocklawaha Outback provides affordable backpacking poncho. If you’re on a tight budget, you can buy a PVC Coated backpacking poncho which is much cheaper than anywhere in the world. Of course, this is stylish and lasts for a long period of time. Buy it as they have a simpler design yet stylish. 

5. You can use ponchos as a groundsheet 

These can be used to secure man lines, stakes and poles which can be used to construct a shelter out of your poncho. This can provide protection from the rain, wind, and sun for you and your overall equipment. Even a sizable poncho tarp can serve as your main shelter. 

6. Ponchos are more portable than raincoats

since they fold up more compactly. For instance, a lightweight or disposable poncho may fold up to the size of a deck of cards. Ponchos often do not feature hefty zippers or elastic bands, making this easy. They are only constructed from a piece of fabric or plastic.

Get Ocklawaha Outback backpacking poncho and free up some room in your backpack. Ponchos are an excellent option as a result of outings where rain is a possibility but not expected. When not in use, a little poncho won't take up much room in your pack.

7. Lightweight

Ocklawaha Outback ponchos are lightweight because they don’t have sleeves, zippers, elastic bands, or other fancy features. Now you can carry your poncho easily without worrying about it taking up extra space. You can also use a poncho as a tent, pack cover, and groundsheet. 

Buy these as you will be cutting down some pounds from your backpack. Get Ocklawaha Outback backpacking poncho as they are lightweight and versatile making them a perfect choice for ultralight hikers.

8. Durable 

They can easily withstand heavy rain, strong pressure, or damage due to hard-wearing. Easily stuff and compress your poncho.

Buy these amazing backpacking poncho from Ocklawaha Outback as they are affordable, durable, and reliable. It is an essential hiking or trekking gear, without which you shouldn't travel.

Protect yourself from the great outdoors. Buy these today and have the best hiking trip ever !!